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Aqua Pump and Well Service is an experienced provider of repairs and installation for both conventional single phase and variable speed three phase submersible pumps.

As the name implies, a submersible pump is fully sealed and completely submerged underwater before pumping occurs. More efficient than a jet pump, which pulls water from the surface – a submersible pump pushes water to the surface so that it may then be drawn through a water line and used in your home or business.

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When you need a new water system, upgrades, service, or repairs – our experts at Aqua Pump and Well Service can provide you with detailed, honest, and thoughtful recommendations for what submersible pump is best for your application.

Single phase or multi phase water well submersible pumps: our technicians will point you in the right direction

Our technicians at Aqua Pump and Well Service are experienced when it comes to both service and installation for a wide variety of single phase and three phase submersible pumps.

A submersible pump with a three phase motor is typically more reliable and slightly less expensive than a single phase submersible pump with a V.F.D. (variable frequency drive). This efficiency comes from the three phase motor’s ability to start and stop twice as much, without experiencing the significant startup torque characteristic of a single phase submersible pump. These benefits not only make the submersible pump last longer, but they also result in greater energy efficiency as well.

However, three phase submersible pumps require three phase power, or a three phase power converter – and most homes don’t have three phase power. If homeowners don’t have three phase power and don’t want to buy a converter – there are still options, and we’re happy to provide them.

While single phase submersible pumps don’t boast the inherent efficiency of a three phase submersible pump, Aqua Pump and Well Service is experienced in providing the solutions you need to optimize performance and maximize the life of your single phase submersible pump. If you do not have three phase power, Aqua Pump and Well Service also offers constant pressure systems for both single phase and 3 phase pumps and pump savers that will regulate your submersible pump, ensure gentle and efficient operation, and prolong pump life – reducing the need for service and repairs in the future.

The water well submersible pumps you need and the service to go with them

We’re here for you around the clock to answer any questions and perform any service needed when it comes to your submersible pump. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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