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Many customers ask us, what can be done to prevent and maintain their pump and well system.

Prevention (Pump Saver)
The first thing that I would highly recommend is the installation of a "Pump Saver" if you don't already have one. The Pump Saver monitors pumps and motors 24 hours a day to ensure that if there is a voltage problem, current or dry-run problem and a variety of other fault conditions that could cause damage to your pump, the Pump Saver will turn it off. The Pump Saver will not allow the system to turn on until the problem is resolved saving you from premature or overall pump failure. When properly installed a Pump Saver can even determine and protect your system from pressure tank failure.

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Prevention/Maintenance (Pressure Switch)

One common problem in the summer months in Texas is with the pressure switch. Most of these problems are related to insects. Ants and other insects are attracted to the sound of the electricity in the pressure switch, when they go inside, they get electrocuted and then their bodies fall between the contacts. This causes the contacts to not be able to come together and complete the circuit. Some ant bait near the pressure switch may be used to help prevent this from happening. If you do need to clean out the switch, make sure all power going to the switch is turned off.

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