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For many home owners, having constant water pressure isn't crucial, that is, until their pressure drops off when they need it most. Using a private well is a great source for water that's reliable – but low water pressure can be an irritating problem. Constant pressure systems installed by Aqua Pump and Well Service are the inexpensive answer.

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The experts at Aqua Pump and Well Service, Inc can replace your existing control box with a Franklin Electric Mono Drive, providing you with instant constant pressure, pump protection, and energy savings while also prolonging pump life – all with your existing single phase pump! In time the energy savings alone can pay for the cost of upgrading to a constant pressure system.

Water Pressure Problems

Droughts and periods of heavy water usage as well as home additions or the installation of an irrigation system are just a few examples of what might cause low water pressure, but it doesn’t have to be permanent. At Aqua Pump and Well Service, we know that low water pressure can be a major annoyance – and we have the solution. Whether you use a private well or have city water, Aqua Pump and Well Service can install the constant pressure system you need to eliminate low water pressure.

  • Eliminate the need to limit water usage
  • Prevent lags in water pressure that cause many appliances such as showers and sinks to sputter when water usage fluctuates
  • Allow your appliances to work more efficiently – extending their life
  • Say goodbye to quick showers due to limited pressure
  • Water your grass whenever you want to

Benefits of a Constant Pressure System

With a constant pressure system installed by Aqua Pump and Well, you can take a shower, wash the dishes, wash your clothes, and water the lawn all at the same time without running into any problems. You get the water you need, when you need it, without any hassle or inconsistency. Combined with 24/7 emergency service and a 5 year warranty on constant pressure systems – and you can be sure that your water supply is always in good hands.

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How It Works: Your Constant Pressure System in Action
By using a variable frequency drive (VFD), your constant pressure system will gently speed up and slow down your water pump as necessary to maintain constant and continuous pressure. You can even set your constant pressure system to mirror city water pressure – delivering all the benefits of a private well water with the reliability of city water.

A constant pressure system will change the speed of your water pump to meet an increasing or decreasing demand for water. The pump then gently shuts off, instead of abruptly turning on and off like a conventional system. The drives within a constant pressure system have a built in sleep mode that slowly and softly starts and stops your pump and motor. This reduces the intense torque associated with conventional systems, lessening the wear and tear that can often lead to pump and motor malfunctioning and failure.

This system also protects against dry run, which occurs when a standard pump runs with insufficient water passing the motor. By eliminating dry run, your pump motor won't overheat and will never need to be repaired due to components melting. Additionally, because of the way a constant pressure system works, you can have a smaller pressure tank with a drastically reduced footprint.

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